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Cat Care

We love cats! And we know you love your cat.  We offer a full range of services to care for your 4 legged family member.

Cat Wellness

Regular wellness care and preventative medicine are the cornerstones of good cat health. At Holliday Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to providing your pet with the best care possible, thereby ensuring a longer, healthier and happier life.

Our animal hospital offers:

  • Annual physical examinations
  • Vaccinations as required
  • Dental check-ups
  • Flea and Tick season prevention

All this helps to help avoid illness and minimize the need to treat preventable diseases. Wellness visits are also an excellent time to bring up any concerns or ask any questions that you may have about your cat whether behavioural or a physical problem with your cat. We encourage you to openly communicate and share with us so that together we can work toward ensuring a long, happy and healthy life for your precious companion.


The highly skilled and well-trained staff at Holliday Veterinary Hospital are prepared to provide our patients with safe, efficient surgery using up-to-date surgical and anesthesia equipment and techniques.  Surgical procedures performed at Holliday Veterinary Hospital include routine surgeries, such as spaying and neutering, as well as more complicated orthopaedic procedures and fracture repair procedures.

Regardless of the type of procedure, the utmost care is given to your pet’s comfort and safety, before, during and after surgery. Pre-anesthetic screening, specialized monitoring equipment and thorough pain management are all utilized to reduce anesthetic risk, and every procedure is carefully performed and monitored by our dedicated and compassionate Veterinary Technicians.

In the event that a difficult or complicated surgical treatment is required, we are also able to refer you and your pet to a surgical specialist.

At Holliday Veterinary Hospital we want you to know that your animal companion is in good hands with us. Our goal is to make the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible, both for you and your pet, and to get your animal companion on the road to recovery quickly.


The best way to keep your cats’s mouth healthy is through regular dental exams and cleanings. Holliday Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of comprehensive veterinary dental care services for our patients including preventative care, x-rays, cleaning, polishing and tooth extraction. We also offer specialty dental diets, pet chews, toothpastes, toothbrushes and oral rinses to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums in your pet. For more complicated conditions, a board certified small animal dentist is available in Guelph.

Holliday Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to providing complete dental services to our patients and working with our clients to develop a routine of ongoing oral care. Together we can help your pet achieve good oral health for life.


Diagnostics, such as blood tests, urinalysis and x-rays, help us to delve deeper to identify and diagnose possible health conditions as well as develop and deliver the appropriate course of treatment in a timely manner. At Holliday Veterinary Hospital, we offer a variety of diagnostic services that help us to better care for and treat our patients. Our goal is to quickly and accurately handle any medical issues so that we can get your pet back to feeling healthy as soon as possible.

Radiology (x-ray)
Our in-house x-ray equipment enables us to quickly assess the status of injuries and many diseases that may be affecting your pet under the surface of the skin. X-rays use radiology to provide additional information regarding your pet’s illness or condition, which then assists us in selecting the most appropriate treatment plan.

Holliday Veterinary Hospital offers detailed ultrasound with a specialist, in hospital to help evaluate internal organs. In many situations, an ultrasound of your pet may be recommended in addition to x-rays for the most accurate evaluation of your pet’s problem.

Diagnostic lab work is often a critical component in diagnosing your pet’s illness as well as in the detection of early signs of disease during regular health screening. At Holliday Veterinary Hospital, we offer complete analysis of routine blood, urine and fecal samples. More importantly, our in-house laboratory allows us to receive the results of lab work in a timely manner so that we can quickly identify and treat any underlying health conditions right away.

Nutritional Cat Diet Counselling

Just as with humans, a proper diet is essential to a cat’s health and well being. Obesity is a growing problem, which can lead to a variety of other serious health conditions and even shorten the length of your pet’s life.   We offer a variety of quality pet food, whether it is for a specific medical condition, such as diabetes or obesity, or simply to provide a more well-balanced diet. With the range of foods available, access to the latest in nutritional information, and the belief that good physical fitness leads to good health, our experts will work with you to provide just the right health plan for your pet

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