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Welcome! For more than 80 years, the staff at the Holliday Veterinary Hospital has built a reputation of establishing long-standing, loyal relationships with clients, founded on knowledge, compassion and dedicated service.

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After-Hours Emergencies


Who to call if your pet has an after-hours emergency.

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Get connected with the three-pronged approach to vector (Ticks, and Mosquitoes) transmitted diseases starting in MARCH!

1. Test for the diseases


Borellia Burgdorferi (Lyme) (tick transmitted)
Dirofilaria Immitis (Heartworm)

2. Prevent 


Prevention for ticks should be administered year round, and from June to November for heartworm (mosquito transmitted).

3. Vaccinate


for Lyme disease in dogs in high risk areas.

Case of the Month

Here we will start to feature the most interesting case of the month.  Check back soon for our first one.

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